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  • Are invasive procedures painful?
    All our invasive procedures are conducted under local anesthetic, once frozen a patient may feel slight pressure at most. The injection itself can be uncomfortable depending on the injection location, and the patient's tolerance to freezing.
  • How long does the procedure take?
    Surgical procedures are done quickly and efficiently in the office, surgical duration is based on the condition and surgery type though typically within 45 minutes. Podiatric surgery is dependent on the patient and will be discussed during consultation.
  • Are laser treatments painful?
    We currently offer 2 types of laser modalities, low-level laser and Genesis Cutera Laser Treatments. The low-level laser works at the cellular level and boasts no pain or discomfort to the patient. Genesis laser, on the other hand, uses the heat generated from the laser as part of its treatment modality, the heat generated from the laser can cause discomfort.
  • How often do I require laser treatments?
    We recommend attempting 3 laser treatments to affected fungal toenails in 6–8-week intervals. We have found success with as few as 1 treatment, though number of treatments is based on severity and the length of the fungal infection.
  • Do you do pedicures?
    We provide medical foot-care appointments done by our team of medical professionals, a foot-care appointment includes full assessments, ongoing monitoring of one's foot health, and much more.
  • Do you offer seniors discounts?
    Our pricing is based on the most recent recommendations from the Ontario Society of Chiropodists, we strive to keep pricing as low as possible while maintaining our level of standard and care. Therefore, discounts of any kind are not offered on services.
  • What does a foot-care appointment include?
    We begin most treatments with a foot soak, to help soften the skin and nails ahead of a treatment. Soaks are available only during the first 5 minutes of an appointment, patients presenting late to the clinic may have this skipped. Our practitioners clip, trim, and file nails, callus, corns, warts, and any other hard skin, before applying our specially formulated foot cream HEAL. During these appointments, one's foot health is monitored for any changes/abnormalities, especially important for Diabetic patients.
  • Do you offer freezing/local anesthetic?
    Most of our common foot treatments are completely painless, other mild discomfort. Though local anesthetic is available, it is often reserved only for invasive procedures.
  • What is included in an initial assessment?
    Initial assessments include a throughout medical history and physical exam of your legs and feet, if you are diabetic a full diabetic foot assessment will be conducted as well. Following the assessment and identification of an ailment, several treatment options are presented to the patient. With agreeance and time depending, treatments are conducted during the same appointment. Longer surgical procedures or complex cases may require an additional booking for the treatment.
  • What should I bring to an Assessment?
    We recommend bringing a pair of your most used footwear and any current orthopedic devices including orthotics or braces, a list of medications and allergies if applicable and private insurance information if applicable.
    A medical referral is not needed in order to visit a chiropodist. A chiropodist is a regulated foot specialist and is able to diagnose a number of conditions, prescribe orthotics, and other medications.
    At your first appointment, please arrive at the office 10 minutes early in order to complete an intake form. This form will outline your medical history to help give your practitioner a full picture of your health to better treat your condition. If applicable, we will also ask for your insurance information to keep on file. Some insurance companies will allow us to direct bill. A list of those companies can be found below. you can also download this form to complete in advance and bring to your appointment. Once your intake form is complete, an assistant will bring you to the room where the practitioner will come in and greet you. We recommend you bring a pair of commonly worn shoes so the practitioner can assess if these are contributing to your condition. We are located in the corner of the Canamera Medical Centre plaza. Parking is available on-site.
    Our services and products are not covered by OHIP. Our treatments are covered by most extended insurance plans. Please consult your insurance provider to check your level of coverage. If you require additional information for your claim, please get in touch with our office and we would be glad to assist you.
    The companies which direct bill are*: Canada life/Great-West life, Greenshield, Blue Cross, Chamber of Commerce, Desjardins, Industrial alliance, Johnson Inc, Johnston Group, RWAM, Union benefits, TELUS (Portal), Manion, Claim Secure, Group Health, Group Source, GMS 49/ GMS 50, Maximum Benefit, First Canadian, Cowan, CINUP, Townley, TELUS adjuiCare. *Please be advised that while these companies direct bill with our office, there are some specialized cases where direct billing is not possible and supporting documentation may need to be submitted by the patient for certain services.
    Our office is accessible by wheel chair. If you have a specialized accommodative need, please contact the office before coming.
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